Q. Are you independently owned or part of a larger financial group?

A. Speirs & Jeffrey is now owned by Rathbone Brothers Plc and will be integrated in 2019.

Q. Where is my nearest office?

A. Our only office is George House, 50 George Square, Glasgow G2 1EH. Having a single base means that we are able to make decisions quickly and implement them effectively.

Q. How do I become a client?

A. Please telephone 0141 248 4311 to speak to one of our advisors. They will arrange to meet with you or if more convenient to discuss your requirements over the telephone. If you like our approach and wish to become a client then we will send you our questionnaire relating to risk and investment objectives to complete. This begins the process of becoming an S&J client.

This agreement is very straightforward and will specify the services that we will provide, the objectives and risk parameters that you have set and the charges we will make.

Q. What other paperwork will you require?

A. Before we can begin to transact on your behalf we will also need to receive money laundering documentation such as proof of identity and residence. This is a regulatory requirement which all financial service companies must comply with. We will also need you to sign a nominee agreement and an investment agreement (the latter can be produced once the risk and objectives have been agreed).

Q. How much do I need to invest to become a client?

A. The amount you can sensibly invest depends very much on individual circumstances and requirements. However our management charges and commissions on transactions may mean that investing at lower levels is not cost effective for you.

Q. How do you charge?

A. Our standard private client charging structure involves a modest annual management fee and a commission charge on any transactions that we undertake on your behalf. In some cases however, particularly for charity or pension fund clients, it is more suitable to operate under a different charging structure, where we charge a slightly higher annual management fee, but only a nominal charge for transactions. The detail of our charging structures is something that we will discuss with you at the enquiry stage.

Q. How much control do I have over my investments?

A. You can choose how much control you wish to have.With our discretionary service you give us the authority to deal on your behalf within predetermined guidelines. With our advisory service we will only deal on your behalf with your express permission.

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The firm services clients in 63 countries around the globe.

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