Murrayfield Debentures

Q. Can I buy and sell Murrayfield Debentures through you?

A. Yes. We are official agents of the Scottish Rugby Union. We match sellers and buyers of the Debentures to facilitate transactions. Please find the current list of debentures for sale in the buy debentures link. The list will open in a pdf.

To buy or sell Debentures please submit the corresponding form BuyDebentures - SellDebentures.

Q. I have lost my Murrayfield Debenture certificate. What should I do?

A. Contact the SRU at Murrayfield on 0131 346 5015. Any questions relating to the details of your Murrayfield Debenture should be directed to Murrayfield in the first instance.

The SRU Debenture team at Murrayfield have indicated that it could take up to 4 weeks to process a transfer of ownership. The next cut off for match ticket applications is 31st October 2018 for the Six Nations 2019 games. Please consider this before making any offers as the process of matching trades and transferring ownership can take time. S&J do not arrange match tickets for debenture holders. For match tickets please contact the ticket office at Murrayfield.

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