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This page answers some common questions relating to our online valuation facility

Q. Can I see valuations online?

A. Yes. We have an online valuations facility for clients who hold their investments in Speirs & Jeffrey custody. There is no additional charge for this service. Please note that our online valuations facility will only show holdings that are held in our full nominee or ISA services. Therefore, if you transfer investments to S&J from another broker, for example, they will not appear online until they are in our custody.

Q. What information will I have access to?

A. The service allows you to view the valuation of your account (together with cash balances) as at last night's close. Updated prices and transactions from the previous day should be visible by around 9am in the morning. You will be able to view cash statements and transaction statements for the current tax year. Additionally, we have a Market News section, providing the latest news and investment information. However this Market News section is not available if you are accessing this service via the S&J app. Please note, the service will not allow you to instruct transactions online.

Q. How secure is the online valuations service?

A. We take the security and privacy of your personal details and transactions very seriously. Consequently, we have been very careful in developing and testing this facility and have obtained industry leading accreditation for our online security system, which is equivalent to that of an online bank account.

Q. How do I register?

A. Registration for this service is quite straightforward. Simply click on Register at the top right hand corner of our website and fill in the registration form, which will open in a new window. Once your registration has been completed, you will receive an Activation Code by email, and a Username by post. You must have both of these pieces of information in order to activate and login to your account.

Q. Can I access multiple accounts online?

A. Once your registration has been completed, it is possible to add further client codes (such as Trusts or other family accounts that you are eligible to view) to your online account. To do this, simply log in and click on Add Account in the left hand menu. This is only available once your initial registration and activation has been completed.

Q. Can more than one individual have access to the same account?

A. Certainly. In the case of Trusts or family accounts where there are a number of interested parties, each individual can complete their own registration to have access to the respective account(s).

Q. Who can I contact with any other questions/problems?

A. Our Website Team is available Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm and will be happy to help with any queries or problems you may have. They can be contacted on 0141 248 4311 or by email at


Document Library

Q. How do I download my documents?

A. To take advantage of the document library associated with your account please ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your system. It is free and can be found here: Adobe Reader

Once you have installed this software you can select a document for download by using the actions link. You will either have the option to save the document to your PC or perhaps to open/view the document first. The experience will be slightly different depending on what browser you are using.

Chrome – click the ‘Download’ link and choose to ‘Keep’ or ‘Discard’ in the download dialogue displayed on the bottom portion of the browser window. ‘Keep’ will download the document to your default download directory and show a progress button. Once the download is complete, clicking the progress button will open the document in Adobe Reader where you may save the document as you wish.

Explorer 9 - click the ‘Download’ link. You now have the choice to ‘Open’ the document in Adobe Reader where you can view the document and save as you wish. ‘Save’ allows you to save the document without viewing first and ‘Cancel’ terminates the process.

Firefox – click the ‘Download’ link. You now have two options in a dialogue box. ‘Open with’ will open the document in Adobe Reader where you can view and save the document as you wish. ‘Save File’ will allow you to save the file without opening or viewing first.

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