Fundamental Analysis

We are and always have been a research led business.  Our investment decisions are based on fundamental analysis including meetings with the management teams of the companies we invest in.

Investment analysis is carried out by the firm's seven research professionals, with the research department headed up by Margaret McLaren. Margaret's previous experience includes 18 years as Investment Director at Britannic Asset Management, with various responsibilities within the US, European and UK equity markets. Our experienced research analysts provide coverage of large UK and global companies, selected collective funds and other asset classes, along with a variety of mid-cap and AIM listed UK companies. For example, Robin Younger, a Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries and an experienced bond fund manager, provides specific coverage for fixed interest stocks, both Government and corporate.

The Process

Each member of the research department has responsibility for particular sectors of the market. Research analysis is agenda-led, event driven (meetings with companies, announcements, market movements etc) or part of a regular review cycle (sector reviews).  Analysis is then presented by the research department for debate and discussion at morning research meetings. Idea generation is a combined effort, driven by the Directors, the investment team and the research department.

The research department prepares a quarterly strategy document analysing macroeconomic factors and valuation metrics for the markets in general.  This is then presented, debated and discussed. These strategy meetings form the basis of the recommended asset and sector allocation for balanced portfolios, together with preferred stock ideas within each sector.

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We have 32 fully qualified investment professionals serving our client base – average investment experience over 15 years.